Help For Caregivers Of Dementia Patients | Millennium Memory Care

caregivers-of-dementia-patientsIt is no secret that the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to rise along with the growing population of seniors. There are currently an estimated 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s, a number expected to reach over 13 million by 2050.

With more individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, there will also be increasing need for care. Discussions about Alzheimer’s disease usually focus on patients and their symptoms. But as the population of patients continues to expand, caregivers are becoming a critical part of the conversation. As caregivers learn about the disease and how it progresses, it is equally important for them to remember to care for themselves.

The New York Times recently published an informative article providing Advice for Alzheimer’s Caregivers.

The caregiver role can be stressful and demanding. As a caregiver, you will want to be as well-informed as possible to help cope with any changes as the disease progresses. It is also essential to know you are not alone and that multiple sources of support are available to help you through any challenges.