Staff Training

Things return to normal at MMC Monroe

Strategies our staff uses to reduce combativeness

  • Evaluating the resident and their situation and identifying what caused their negative behaviors
  • Maintaining their composure by awareness oif their emotions, tone and body language
  • Listening and engaging with the resident
  • Resisting intitiation fo physical contact with residents who escalate problematic behaviors since touching can trigger violence
  • Positioning the resident so he/she feels comfortable
  • Allowing adequate time to address the situation at hand without jumping to conclusions and listening toinput from other staff members
  • Attending to the sfatey of residents with combative behavior and striving to decrease the frequency, intensity and duration of behavioral problems
  • Evaluating the response time of the staff and how the staff responed to any given action, and implementing staff education and necessary training triggers that increase combativeness
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