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My dad has been a residence since this care unit opened.. the staff is friendly and accommodating and treat my day wonderful. Love visiting him and hearing the caretakers tell me how much they love watching him dance when he hears music. Thelma answers all our calls and keeps us updated with all that is going and it gives us piece of mind especially now with all that is going on with Covid-19. If you are looking for a small homey place I highly recommend!

– Denise M.

We moved my mom into Millennium in Freehold in August of this year after she had several falls resulting in visits to the ER in her last placement. Mom needed a greater level of care. Rayna and the warm, caring and accommodating staff welcomed Mom in and have provided a safe and intimate home like environment. Mom is well cared for enjoying home cooked meals and lots of personal attention. We visit often and are so grateful to Rayna and her team for keeping my mom safe and for taking such special care of her.

– Ellen V.

I wanted to share my appreciation of your wonderful staff and the care they provide for my husband Bill, who has been at Millennium, Matawan for close to six months. The staff is extremely attentive to his needs, goes above and beyond and spends a lot of time with him. They get him up and walking and encourage him to participate in activities like getting outside to play ball or joining in a sing-along including his favorite songs from the 1950s. The staff is always calm, smiling and positive, especially Natasha and Prianna. Since we aren’t able to spend as much time in person with Bill, the staff is always accommodating by setting up video calls for us and they respond to me quickly regarding any concerns or questions I may have. I highly recommend your facility.

– Patricia L.

My husband Richard was at your facility before he passed away in JFK hospital. You had given him great care…Thank you for your service.

-June D.

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift you gave to me yesterday. Amidst all of the chaos that has evolved with the Coronavirus you still took the time to let me FaceTime with my Sweetie. His beautiful smile and pointing to show he saw me have helped me get through the sadness of losing my Dad and brightened my spirit. You are truly a special person to do the job you do so well, and to additionally be there to support and care for family members as well as your residents. Thank you for being you and for taking such great care of the love of my life. Fondly,


Millennium at Holmdel with Thelma at the helm has been a wonderful caring home for my husband who has severe alzheimer’s disease. He was in another facility that could not handle the extra care he needed. The staff at Holmdel is kind, compassionate, calm and professional. He is always dressed in clean clothes, shaved, hair trimmed and nails clipped. The meals are “home cooked” in the onsite kitchen. The snacks are healthy, fruit infused water, hummus, cheese and crackers, fruit slices with peanut butter, etc. Although it is difficult to engage my husband due to his illness, the staff continues to try by sitting, talking and holding his hand. I am thankful that he is in this safe and caring home.

-Ann Lee

I would like to thank Rayna and her staff for the great job there doing during the Coronavirus. Rayna is keeping me informed about my brother Dennis. Whenever I call I am informed about what’s going on with my brother. So please just keep doing what you and your staff are doing, because I know he is in good hands.

-Ray M. and family

When the doctors at Bayshore Hospital determined that my 91 year old mother needed special care that only an assisted living facility can provide, like any son who had cared for and lived with his mother during her time of need, I was a little apprehensive. My mother has been a resident of the Millennium Memory Care in Aberdeen (recommended to me by Bayshore Hospital) for close to a year now and I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the attention of care my mother receives from their dedicated staff. Not only does she receive medical care, medication management and regularly scheduled checkups, they also provide a hair dresser and hold holiday parties. Now with the Covid-19 pandemic, the staff has suspended visitation and put other measures in place to safeguard the health of their residents. I would recommend this Care facility to anyone.

-P. O’Donnell

Thank you and all of your wonderful staff for their care and concern for Nora, we feel blessed to have found your home. Merry Christmas.

N. Casey

Our Dad has been a resident at Millennium Memory Care- Matawan for 3 months. The staff is attentive and makes sure he is safe and well cared for. We visit frequently and have seen staff interact with the residents in different types of situations, including some encounters involving the difficult behaviors normally associated with Dementia. We have always seen the staff treat the residents with respect and concern for everyone’s well-being. The staffs’ ability to execute their responsibilities is highly dependent on the ratio of resident to staff, which was a significant prerequisite for us in selecting Millennium Memory Care.

-Ron & Lori S.

My wife is a resident at Matawan,and I’ve been visiting at evening meals. Your Aids Alyssa & Hadiyah are doing a great job. They interact well with the residents.They not only see for their safety,but their comfort and well being. If any thing they, and other Aids, need more help at meal time: cooking, cleaning, feeding, medication, etc., etc. Thank You.

-Frank Oliver

My relative just moved in recently and I must say we are happy thus far… The place is immaculate. the community is very clean and the staff is on top of things. Every resident has their own rooms which is a plus.. When I was there a week or so they were all doing zumba which was cool. Everytime I come to visit they are either doing some type of activity either bowling, sing along or ball toss. I am very happy with the care he is receiving… Shontay is polite and so is the staff. If you want a homely feel this is the place to be… Its is not like other facilities its their home.


I just wanted to thank you for taking in Ed and making the switch over so easy. The difference between your staff and Bayside is amazing. It hasn’t even been 24 hrs and I already know this was the right choice for him. Thank you again.


My husband had been a resident at Holmdel Millennium memory care for about a year. I am very happy He had been to two other places but this is best for him. Thelma, the manager is very easy to work with and a very hands on person. I highly recommend this place if you want a smaller home style place. Great activities. The staff are great .

-Ruth V.


I am writing to say how much I appreciate the work and the devoting that Ryna and her staff put to taking care of all the residents at ocean millennium memory care. I am also grateful of how her and her staff are taken care of my brother Dennis Mckenna , who has been a resident for 21months. When my brother first went to ocean memory care he did not look healthy, but now he seems to be doing much better, and looking much healthier. So I would like to thank Ryna and her staff for taken great care of my brother.

-Thank you for caring the Mckenna Family

Dear Galina,

My name is Gwen S.  My dad (Bill S.) was a resident at Millennium in Ocean for three weeks.  I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Rayna and the other staff members were while he was there.  I never wanted my dad to leave his home, and the decision to move him was heartbreaking.  The people at Millennium were incredibly kind, compassionate and attentive. They gave me a level of comfort that I did not think was possible.  They are truly special people and I wanted you to know how much I appreciated them. Thank you so much.

– Gwen

Dear Galina:

My husband, Jimmy Mule’ had a very good almost three year stay at Millennium Memory Care @ Monroe, NJ.  I realized that it was the best facility for dementia and alzheimer disease.  I felt he was well loved and grew to feel that it was his home with good friends and good people taking care of him.   The home was designed very well for this illness.  With good management the place excels.

Sara, the manager, was excellent.  She was compassionate and caring to the residents.  She had all the staff working at their fullest.  She had the facility clean and orderly.  Some of the staff that I saw the most, Laura, Ester, Theresa, abas, Sam, Mo, Lorena, Michell and others were caring and did their work well.

I feel that Sara and the staff handled the behavior problems that come with alzheimer disease very well.  I did not worry about my husband while he was there.

My prayers are with the residents and their families that are there now and others that come to Millennium Memory Care.

– Joyce Mule’

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care and love you and your staff showed for my dad. I am forever grateful for Millennium Memory Care. You provided a “home” for my dad like no other. He was so comfortable and content because of the warm, caring atmosphere. You kept him healthy for the two years he spent with you! That was such a blessing. I know in my heart he was in the best place possible. Love…

-Karen Haly

My family and I would like to thank you.  We know Cosmo was well taken care of at Millennium Memory Care.  The staff was very kind and caring and in the future I will recommend Millennium to anyone I know who may be in need of your services.  Thank you.

-Candace Lee

A great option for people with behaviors. I spoke with Dorothy and she shared that she was so happy to find you!  Thanks for being such a great option!!!

– Martina

Letter of Appreciation V2

Thank you very much for your undivided attention and running a well managed Memory Care Home.  God Bless you in all that you do as I know you are a compassionate person.

– June Denes

My dad spent 2 months being shuffled around to various facilities and hospitals because no one seemed equipped to handle Alzheimer’s patients. Instead of working with my dad to understand his needs, these facilities would overmedicate for the convenience of the staff and he would be a zombie most of the time, missing meals and unable to walk or communicate. When I visited Millennium I knew right away it was different from other facilities. There are staff and volunteers always present and tending to the needs of the residents as well as engaging them in activities. Galina explained their holistic approach of medication, diet and care and within the first week of my father moving in he was back to feeding himself and assisted walking. Galina and Millennium Memory Care have been a lifesaver!

-Tracy S.

Galina is an extraordinary example of devotion to her vocation as a Millennium Memory Care home director.  She has been of great assistance to my family and to providing excellent care for my father.

-Anita C.

On behalf of the family of Shirley, we would like to thank Galina and Millennium Memory Care for the great care they provide. Shirley did have behavioral problems associated with her dementia which made living at home an unsafe situation. We placed her in Millennium Memory Care about 1 year ago and they do have the ability to keep her safe.

But we must say, we did switch her to a much bigger facility in the area which we had contacted before going to MMC, for a period of three months, however they were unable to keep her safe and she had many falls and trips to the hospital. It was like a big hotel and they could not handle her behavior and they wanted to send her to a psychiatric hospital.

We called Galina and asked if she could help and she said “Don’t send her to a psychiatric hospital. We can take care of her.”

She found her a room and she has been receiving wonderful care ever since. The staff at MMC offers continuous activities to help keep her mind going, such as singing, bingo, and games and Shirley is singing all the time. She appears to very happy there. Of course, she has her good days and her bad days, but everyone at MMC knows what to do and how to handle her.

We do not think we could have found this type of care anywhere else or at a larger facility.  The care is wonderful. The people are wonderful. And our whole family is happy with the care Shirley is receiving.

– Jerome B.

Thank you Galina. I really appreciate everything you all did for my dad. I recommended Millennium to a few people telling them how wonderful and caring your staff was towards my dad. You all were so good to my dad and welcomed him when no one else wanted him. I will be forever grateful for the kindness you and your staff showed my family. God bless you all 

– Estell

Dear Galina-Your amazing staff took such good care of my Mom. My Mom was only at Millennium 3 months. But the love and caring was incredible. If you ever need a recommendation feel free to give my name and number. Thank You.

-Laura Landau

“We had visited ten different facilities in our search for care for Dad. We were so relieved and happy when we found Millennium Memory Care. His living environment is now truly “just like home.” The central room where the residents gather is so cheerful and cozy, with the warm sun streaming through the large skylights. The fireplace, and as of last week the Christmas tree, really help make Millennium Memory Care a happy and inviting place. Since the dining area, craft room and huge modern kitchen are connected to the central room, there is always something going on, something to see or listen to, and as a result, the residents are never bored. The music playing while the residents interact is soothing and Dad really enjoys the food.
We love the fact that the bedrooms all have large windows that let the natural light into the rooms. We can also easily walk with Dad in the wide hallways. The staff is always so very friendly and patient. Every time we visit, we see first hand the loving care that they give to the residents. Galina, the director of Millennium Memory Care, has a heart of gold and cares for the residents as if they were her own relatives. She updates us frequently with Dad’s status and sends pictures of him participating in his daily activities. We can finally sleep peacefully at night knowing that Dad is happy and content and receiving the very best of care.”
– Karen

Dad looks wonderful and is doing the best I have seen him in months. Thank you to you and your’ staff!!!


OMG thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it so much I have tears!!!!! Galina, you are like, giving us an unimaginable gift!!!!


 The comments after your presentation were very positive – great job. Usually the audience doesn’t ask many questions or respond the way they did last night, so you know they were really into what you were saying. It was really appreciated.
– Jackie

I want to thank you for presenting at our AARP Meeting today.  The attendees liked your topic & the way you presented it. I believe they learned quite a bit about memory loss & dementia. You are doing a great job & keep up all your good work. 

– Dorothy Cassella; Program Director; AARP #3885; North Brunswick, NJ

“I recently placed my mother in Millennium Memory Care due to dementia. From the moment she arrived I could tell the facility was different. The staff was truly very professional. You can tell when someone is just doing their job or if they really care about their patients. This stiff truly cares.  The staff tended to my mother’s every need as if she was their own mother.  My mother’s response to the staff and facility was amazing.  She was very happy and enjoyed interacting with the other patients. There were many activities to keep her occupied and she loved the dancing.The staff prepares three home cooked meals daily along with snacks and meets all special dietary requirements.   The meals are served in the dining room adding to the warm environment.   
Even though the staff has many other duties such as attending to medical needs, laundry, patient hygiene and daily activities they still take the time to interact with the patients making all of them feel special. The facility is newly constructed and it is clean and beautiful. It is built on the style of a large ranch house.  It is equipped with sixteen single occupancy bedrooms, a large living room with a fireplace, family style dining room, beautiful kitchen, large enclosed porch and a paved outdoor walkway for exercise.  Its unique style feels more like a home than a medical facility. I would like to give a special thanks to Galina Markovich, ANP, RN the Director of Millennium Memory Care.  She not only took excellent care of my mother but she also assisted me to navigate my way through this difficult time.  She responded to my every need whether it was day or night.  
Galina is a true professional who goes above and beyond not only for her patients but for their families as well. I cannot thank her enough. In closing I would like to say to those of you who find themselves in a similar situation I highly recommend that you contact Millennium Memory Care and ask for Galina Markovich as this facility is one of the best.”
– Margaret Kenney

“Just a note to thank you and your staff for their caring and hard work to see that my husband, Al, and the other residents at Millennium Memory Care are so well taken care of. Al had been at another long term care center for three years since he had a stroke with cognitive damage and dementia. He is out of touch with his own reality and physical condition. But he never lost his ability to speak, confused as he is! So when he tells us that he is pleased to be where he is – it matters. I am also happy that he has his own bedroom and doesn’t have to share with a roommate who is living on a machine. It was getting so crowded where he had been, that he wasn’t allowed to walk because they didn’t have the time to help him in that regard. No sooner had he arrived at Millennium, that he was on a walker and getting around with help! Like most patients with dementia, he gripes about his condition – but I do not. Because I know that Al is getting good care, good food and good living conditions.”

– Jackie Garfunkel

“My husband of 59 years has dementia and I am unable to provide the care that he needs. So I found a great home called Millennium Memory Care located at 310 Buckelew Ave, Monroe, NJ 08831. Should you have a loved person who needs Alzheimer’s or Dementia care, get in touch with Millennium and you will be happy you did. When the residents get up, dressed, have a great breakfast. They are ready for a great day with the staff, getting involved in activities, watching big screen TV, sitting in front of a fireplace listening to soft music, relaxing, napping and the staff member will read, show family photos, massage their hands, and give them individual attention. I have seen it all.

The staff is the most caring and well trained that I have seen. Their eyes are always on the residents. One of their priorities is safety. The person operating Millennium Memory Care, her name is Galina Markovich, Executive Director ANP, RN, CDP. From her office she has full view of the residents and staff. She is totally aware of what is going on. When I leave after visiting with my husband, I leave with total peace of mind knowing that my husband is well cared for night and day. I ask God to bless his new home.”

– Terry
“Thank you Galina and the Staff of Millenium Memory Care, since my mother has moved to your facility six weeks ago she has improved remarkably. When she arrived at Millenium she was in a wheelchair and now she is up walking and has regained much of her strength. The environment there is warm and caring. I work all day knowing my mom is being well taking care of and is safe. She enjoys the spacious home style facility inside and out and loves the meals. Thank you again for all you do to keep my mother happy and in good hands. I would recommend your place to anyone looking for a loving family environment for their love one.”
– Dee’s Daughter 🙂

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“An extreme amount of professional care and patients is required when providing health services to someone suffering with severe dementia like my brother Henry has. Galina not only provided this high standard of care to my loved one, she also provided this same individual care to each of the residents at the memory care facility. Additionally, Galina always found the time to personally speak with me regarding health concerns, to discuss suggestions and to provide me with general updates. Thank you very much Galina!”
– Marie A.
“Galina communicates with patients very effectively. She knows what her patient’s needs are and always responds to them. My experience working with Galina has always been positive.”
– Dr. Alla Katseva, MD
“Galina was a manager at the dementia/Alzheimer’s home, where my husband resided. She was a caring, concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I was very thankful for her excellent care and professionalism.”
– Frida Vilkov
“Galina Markovich has provided several informational workshops at the North Brunswick Senior Center during the course of the past year. Her first presentation was such a success, the seniors requested that I have her back the following month. Galina is extremely knowledgeable of nutrition and health and wellness topics. She is personable and makes sure that she stays and answers all questions. I plan on having her again this year on a regular basis to continue her health and wellness presentations to our seniors.”
– Jessica Zink; Supervisor, Senior Citizen Activities; North Brunswick Senior Center
“Galina Markovich came to speak to the Seniors of Plainsboro Township about eating Healthy Foods to help with Memory. She was very prepared and knowledgeable about the subject. The Seniors really enjoyed her presentation and asked her to come back to discuss other issues pertaining to Seniors and Health. Galina is very professional, approachable and well liked and respected.”
 – Tina Preville, Program and Special Events Coordinator; Township of Plainsboro Recreation & Community Services