assisted living

Assisted Living vs. Memory Care Facilities

Assisted Living or Memory Care
In the realm of senior care, assisted living and memory care facilities serve distinct yet interconnected purposes, catering to the diverse needs of aging individuals. While both offer supportive environments designed to enhance quality of life, understanding the differences between them is crucial for families navigating the complex landscape of elder care. Assisted living facilities are tailored to meet the needs of seniors who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) but d...
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Pet Therapy For Dementia Patients | Millennium Memory Care

Pet Therapy
Alzheimer’s and Animal-Assisted Therapy Anyone who owns a pet knows the value of that relationship.  Pets offer companionship and love, and even lower blood pressure and heart rate.  Increasingly, there are many studies that show how important the person-animal relationship can be for people living with Alzheimer’s. When Alzheimer’s patients spend time with animals (dogs, cats, fish, birds) through Animal-Assisted Therapy, there is a significant improvement in their quality of life.  Stu...
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